Wish jar: that’s why you should make one

Wish jar: in this article we explain how in reality it is, in addition to a fantastic living room object, an exercise to make our dreams come true and therefore be happier!

There are at least two reasons for making a wish jar…

  • Knowing what you want is the first step to having a clear idea of how we want to be and what goals we want to achieve
  • Our mind does not distinguish between imagination and reality, especially when it begins to involve emotions. So it’s a great visualization exercise.

There are at least twWhat does it take to make a wish vase?

Make it look magical, recycle a jam jar, take lots of colored pieces of paper, cut it and start writing whatever you want.
Write by hand so your brain will process information more effectively and write exactly 100 wishes.

100 wishes? Yes, 100!

100 wishes because it is important not to dwell on the big themes of life such as I would like a promotion but to get specific as for example I would like a pair of yellow socks .

Good work and happy wish jar!!!

Wish jar: that’s why you should make one