What is personal identity? A starting point

What is personal identity?

Theories and importance of having an effective personal identity Personal identity is all we are! In fact, our physical, psychological, cultural characteristics starting from the name and the date of birth.
Many aspects of ourselves and the relationship between every single characteristic and all the others that belong to us.
Each of us is unique, there is no clone anywhere else in the Universe!

We can give a simplification of the concept of peresonal identity through the diagram below.
Having a rough idea of the meaning of personal identity allows us to have a starting point, one of the starting points possible, to improve ourselves. This is because personal identity is something that is built over time throughout life and represents something on which we can focus and work.

What is personal identity scheme

Each has an identity for the others that is how the other sees us but also has one for himself. The first is objective identity and is presented in three ways: physical, social.
The second is subjective identity and is the set of characteristics as we see and describe them in ourselves.

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