I Ching 5 Hexagram Xū (Attending) I Ching 5 Hexagram Xū (Attending) Keywords Patience, Pause, Waiting. Short Interpretation of Hexagram 5 – The WaitingFor both work matters and your good health it is important at this time to rest and wait before taking on new initiatives. Love is sincere but immature.Continue Reading

I Ching 2 Hexagram – General Description I Ching 2 Hexagram I Ching 2 Hexagram – KeywordsSensitivity, Docility, Surrender. Short interpretationExciting love with intense emotions and recovery of physical strength but for the moment do not take work initiatives. The sign is composed of all broken lines. The broken lineContinue Reading

I Ching 1 Hexagram Qián (The Creative) I Ching 1 Hexagram Qián KeywordsPower, Creativity, Strength, Tirelessness. Brief interpretationIn sincere and constructive love, the relationship is equal to work in that business and initiatives are favored.Well the health that is invigorating your body and your mind. I Ching 1 hexagram- GeneralContinue Reading