Review: In ‘You Are Here,’ Dancing and Splashing at Lincoln Center

A selection of New Yorkers reflecting on their pandemic experiences became part of this piece, conceived and choreographed by Andrea Miller.

As dance regains its footing in the performing arts world this summer — gradually and with grit and the best of intentions — putting on a show carries a different weight. How exactly must the show go on? Who shares responsibility and who gets the credit? If the past year and a half has taught us anything, it’s to pay attention to those on the edges, to recalibrate just who and what are essential. Art and artists, certainly. But it takes more than artists to make art happen.

You Are Here,” a sculpture and sound installation on Hearst Plaza commissioned by Lincoln Center, contains audio portraits by the composer and sound artist Justin Hicks. The piece reveals the pandemic experiences of artists as well as people who work behind the scenes, including Lila Lomax, who works in Lincoln Center Security — and sings while on the job — Cassie Mey, who works in the dance division at the The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and Valarie Wong, a nurse at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. The setting is also adorned with fabric sculptures by the scenic designer Mimi Lien whose headless forms, a textural mix of fabric and dried and fresh flowers, sprout up throughout the plaza a little like avant-garde scarecrows.