Karnataka’s First Vistadome Coach Service Begins Its Maiden Journey

The South Western Railways (SWR)’s decision to introduce the all-new Vistadome coaches in several long-distance trains operating throughout the state helps the tourism sector as it offers passengers an opportunity to see a myriad of landscapes, especially the pristine Western Ghats.

SWR has decided to attach Vistadome coaches to day express trains from July 11, 2021. Trains operating between Yeshwantpur (in Bengaluru) and Mangaluru Junction have been picked to pilot the initiative.

These trains include Yeshwantpur-Mangaluru Junction-Yeshwantpur Weekly Express Special (Train No. 06540/06539), Yeshwantpur-Karwar Tri-weekly special (06211/06212), and Yeshwantpur-Mangaluru Junction Gomateshwara Tri-weekly Express Special (06575/06576).

Once operational, these trains will ensure daily journeys on the route. Tickets can be reserved online in advance.

How much will each Vistadome ticket cost?

For the journey from the beginning point to the endpoint (Yeshwantpur and Mangaluru Jn, and vice versa), each ticket is expected to cost around Rs 1,670, inclusive of reservation, GST and other charges.

Exclusive of these charges, each ticket between Hassan and Mangaluru Jn will be available at Rs 960, while Rs 725 will be the price for a journey between Hassan and Subramanya Rd station. The cost for Sakleshpura-Subramanya Rd and Yeshwanthpur-Subramanya Rd will be priced at Rs 625 and Rs 1,175, respectively.

The charges are the same as an Executive Class ticket on Shatabdi services.

What does Vistadome offer?

A journey with a seat in the Vistadome coach in the express trains operated via the Western Ghats offers several frames of greenery and natural beauty. The scenic Sakleshpur-Subrahmanya Ghat section is the highlight of these journeys, which SWR officials say will “undoubtedly offer breathtaking glimpses of mountains, and valleys”.

“This region abounds in monsoon with even more beautiful scenery,” officials add.

Each Vistadome coach has a seating capacity of 44. Seats can move 180 degrees with wide and large windows offering a clear view of the landscape. Rooftops with anti-glare glass enable passengers to view the sky as well.

Each coach is equipped with CCTV surveillance and fire safety systems, apart from LED display screens with ‘content-on-demand’, an oven, refrigerator, mini pantry, multi-tiered steel luggage shelves, and separate mobile charging sockets for each passenger.

Further, the coach is equipped with automatic sliding doors and bio-toilets. Seats will have snack tables that are foldable, similar to those seen in airplanes.

The lounge-like space at the far end of each coach with a large viewing window is another highlight which makes Vistadome coaches tourist-friendly.

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