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Hexagram 1

Sign is made up of six whole lines. The whole lines correspond to the primordial luminous, strong spiritual, active force. The sign is unitarily strong in its nature. Since it is free from any weakness, its intrinsic quality is strength. His image is the sky. Strength is represented not constrained by fixed spatial conditions. Therefore it is conceived as a motion. The basis of this motion is time. And also the power of time and the power of persevering over time, duration, are contained in the sign.

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Hexagram 2

This sign is composed of all broken lines. The broken line corresponds to the original shady, tender, receptive force of the yin. The quality of the sign is dedication, its image is the earth. It is the perfect opposite of the creative: the opposite, not the opposite; a complement, not a struggle. It is nature in front of the spirit, the earth in front of the sky, the spatial in front of the storm, the feminine-maternal in front of the masculine-paternal.

Hexagram 3

The name of the Ciunn sign properly represents a grass that encounters an obstacle emerging from the earth. From this results the meaning of initial difficulty. It indicates how heaven and earth generate single beings. It is their first meeting, joint with difficulty. The lower sign Cenn is the exciting. Its motion is directed upwards; in its image it has thunder, the superior sign, Kkann, is the abyssal, the dangerous; its motion goes down;

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