Hexagram 64 wèi jì (Not Yet Fording)

Hexagram 64

I Ching 64 Hexagram wèi jì (Not Yet Fording)

I Ching 64 Hexagram wèi jì (Not Yet Fording)

keywords . Not yet reached the finish line. Incomplete work.
Brief interpretation of hexagram 64 – Before Consuming
Whatever you are carrying out, you have not yet finished the work, it is not yet finished. Get busy: live healthy and ready for radical changes.

I Ching 64 hexagram- General Description

In this sign is mentioned the moment when the transition from disorder to order has not yet been completed. The upheaval is already prepared, it is true, since all the lines of the upper trigram are in relationship with those of the lower. But they are not yet in place. While the previous sign resembles the autumn that forms the transition from summer to winter, this sign is like spring that leads from the stagnation of winter to the fruitful time of summer. With this hopeful view, the Book of Changes concludes.


I Ching – Comment on sentence

Before completion: successful. But if the little fox, When it has almost completed the passing, Ends with its tail in the water, Then there is nothing that is propitious.

Conditions are difficult. The task is great and it is full of responsibility. It is a question of bringing the world back from disorder to order. Yet it is a task that promises success, given that there is a goal capable of uniting the divergent forces. It is only necessary to proceed cautiously and cautiously at first. We must proceed like an old fox walking on ice. In China, the prudence of the fox walking on ice is proverbial. It always tends the ear to each creak and carefully searches all around for the safest spots. A young fox, who does not yet know these precautions, gleefully sets in motion, and then it can happen that it falls in when it has already almost crossed all the water, and gets its tail wet. Then all the effort will have been useless.

I Ching – Image


Fire is above water: The image of the state before fulfillment.
Thus the noble is prudent in distinguishing things, so that each goes to its place.

When the fire, which already thus pushes upward, is upward and the water, whose motion is directed downward, is downward, their effects diverge and remain unrelated. In order to achieve effects, one must first investigate what the nature of the forces in question is and what their competent place is. By making the force act in the right place, the desired effect is obtained and fulfillment is achieved. But in order to properly handle the external forces it is first of all necessary to have the right point of view. Because only by starting from there can one operate properly.

I Ching – Series

The succession of things cannot end. For this reason, in closing, the sign follows: Before completion.


I Ching 64 hexagram – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching 64 hexagram – First line:

Six at the beginning means:
He ends up in the water with his tail. Shameful.

In times of disorder it is tempting to go ahead as soon as possible to do something flashy. But this enthusiasm leads to nothing but failure and shame, until the time has yet come to actually operate. In this time it is good to spare oneself, by holding back, the shame of failure. (Notice the difference in the situation between this line and the first line in the previous sign).

I Ching 64 hexagram – Second line:

Nine in the second place means:
He brakes his wheels. Perseverance brings health.

Here too the time to act has not yet come. But the patience that is necessary must not be an inert expectation that is content with living for the day. This would lead to constant failure. Instead, it is necessary to cultivate within oneself the strength that enables us to advance. It is necessary to have, so to speak, a carriage to make the transition. But it still has to be stopped. Patience in the highest sense is contained strength. We must therefore not fall asleep and lose sight of the purpose. By staying strong and steadfast in your decision, everything ends up going well.

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I Ching 64 hexagram – Third line:

Six in the third place means:
Before completion the assault brings misfortune. It is propitious to cross the great water.

The time for passing away has come, but the strength to accomplish it is lacking. If they wanted to rape things this would be unfortunate, because just then the collapse would be inevitable. But what needs to be done? We need to create a new situation, we need to make use of the strengths of capable helpers and take the decisive step together with them, to cross the great water. Then fulfillment will become possible.

I Ching 64 hexagram – Fourth line:

Nine in the fourth place means:
Perseverance brings health. Repentance fades. Shaking to punish the land of demons. For three years there are awards with great lordships.

This is the time for the fight. The passing must be accomplished. You have to make your decision absolutely iron; this brings health. Any doubt that should arise in such serious years of struggle must be silent. It is a fierce struggle to shake up and punish the land of demons, the powers of ruin. But the fight also has its reward. Now is the time to lay the foundation of power and domination for the future.

I Ching 64 hexagram – Fifth line:

Six in the fifth place means:
Perseverance brings health. No repentance. The light of the noble is true. Health !

Victory is won. The strength of perseverance did not fail. All went well. Any doubts are eliminated. Success justified the act. Renewed the light of a noble personality shines and imposes itself among those who believe in it and gather around it. A new time, and with it health, has come. And as after the rain, the sun shines even more beautiful; or as after a fire the even fresher wood becomes green, standing out from the blackened remains, so the new even more splendid weather stands out from the great misery of the ancient.

I Ching 64 hexagram- Sixth line:

Nine at the top means:
In true trust one drinks wine. No stains. But if you get your head wet, you really lose it.

Before completion, on the edge of the new time, we live together in full confidence, passing the time of expectation in happy feasts. Since we are already immediately on the threshold of the new time this is not a stain. You just have to keep the right fit. If exaltation makes us pour wine on our heads, this excessiveness destroys the favor of the situation. Observation: As the sign After completion outlines the gradual passage of time in which one ascends beyond the culmination of culture to reach the time of stagnation, so the sign Before completion depicts the passage from chaos to order. This sign stands at the end of the Book of Changes. It draws attention to the fact that a new principle is inherent in every end. Thus gives men hope. The Book of Changes is a book of the future.

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