I Ching 51 Hexagram zhèn (Shake)

I Ching 51 Hexagram zhèn (Shake)

I Ching 51 Hexagram zhèn (Shake)

Surprise. Shock. Excitement. Shock.
Short Interpretation of Hexagram 51 – The Exciting
Every change must be welcomed as a gift. Certainly a somewhat noisy and sudden gift. Accept the unexpected, once you get over the first moment of shock you will find that it has been of great benefit.

I Ching – General Description

The sign Cenn is the firstborn son, who grasps the dominion energetically and powerfully. A yang line appears below two yins, and pushes it mightily upward. The thunder that bursts from the earth serves as an image and with its shaking causes terror and tremor.

I Ching – Comment on sentence

The shaking brings success. The shaking comes: uh, uh! Laughing words: ah, ah! The shaking scares a hundred miles, And he doesn’t drop the sacrificial spatula and chalice.

The shaking that rises from the inside of the earth for the appearance of God causes man to be frightened, but this fear before God is a good thing, since it makes it possible for happiness and joy to follow. When one has learned from within what terror and tremor are, one is armored against the terror coming from external influences. Even if the thunder roars so much that it spreads terror for a hundred miles around, one remains so collected and reverent inwardly that the sacrificial ceremony is not interrupted. Such a profound inner seriousness that all external terror bounces helplessly is the mental attitude as must be possessed by the leaders and sovereigns of men.

I Ching – Image

Continued thunder: The image of shaking. Thus the noble, fearing and trembling, puts his life in order and explores himself.

The continued thunder, with its shaking, causes terror and tremor. Thus the noble is always in reverent fear before the appearance of God and puts his life in order and explores his heart to find out if anything secretly contradicts the divine will. Thus reverent fear is the foundation of the true culture of life.

I Ching – Series

Among the custodians of sacred objects, the eldest son occupies the first place. For this he follows the sign: the Exciting. Exciting means motion.

I Ching – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching – First line:

Nine at the beginning means:
The shaking comes: uh, uh! This is followed by laughing words: ah, ah! Health !

Terror and tremor of shaking hit us and so we find ourselves at a disadvantage vis-à-vis others. But this only happens in the first place. Relief comes when one has gone through judgment. And so the very terror into which one must first enter, considering the whole situation, brings health.

I Ching – Second line:

Six in the second place means:
The shaking comes with danger. A hundred thousand times you lose your treasures And you have to climb the nine hills. Don’t worry about them. After seven days you get them back.

It is a situation where a shaking puts us in danger, and we suffer heavy losses. The conditions are such that a resistance would be contrary to the direction of motion of time, and therefore it cannot be successful. Therefore it is simply necessary to retreat to altitudes unreachable by the dangers they threaten. Losses of possession must not be taken into account or excessively worried about. Without chasing possession it will return by itself, when the time has passed, the shaking of which has plundered us.

I Ching – Third line:

Six in the third place means:
The shaking comes and makes you lose your mind. If one acts following the shaking, one remains free of misfortune.

There are three kinds of shaking: the shaking of the sky, – this is the thunder – also the shaking of fate, and finally the shaking of the heart. Here it is less an inner shaking than a shaking of destiny. In such times of turmoil, sensibility is too easily lost, so that every possibility of acting is ignored and destiny is left dumb to follow its course. By letting oneself be induced by the shaking to move inwardly, one will overcome the external blows of destiny without great effort.

I Ching – Fourth line:

Nine in the fourth place means:
The shaking ends in slime.

The inner movement also depends in part on circumstances for its success. When the circumstances are such that there is neither a resistance that can be fought with energy, nor that things give way so that a victory can be achieved, being all tenacious and inert like the mud, the movement is paralyzed.

I Ching – Fifth line:

Six in the fifth place means:
The shaking hits right and left: danger. But absolutely nothing is lost, only there is to be done.

Here there is not a single shaking, but it is repeated so that there is no time to breathe. But even this shaking does not cause any loss, since great care is taken to keep oneself in the center of the movement and thus free oneself from the fate of being thrown here and there without defense.

I Ching – Sixth line:

Six above means:
The shaking brings ruin and frightened looks around. Proceeding brings misfortune. When it has not yet reached our body, But it has only reached the neighbor, then there is no stain. The comrades have to say.

The inner shaking, when it has risen to its peak, clouds our sense and clarity of vision. During such a shaking it is of course not possible to act wisely. Then the right behavior is to stay quiet until calm and clarity are found. But one is able to do this only as long as one is not yet infected by the agitation, while its unfortunate effects can already be observed among those around us. By withdrawing, now, in time from action, one remains free from error and damage. But the comrades, who can no longer warn themselves in their excitement, will certainly not be happy with us. But this must not be taken into account.

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