I Ching 45 Hexagram cuì (Clustering)

I Ching 45 Hexagram cuì (Clustering)

I Ching 45 Hexagram cuì (Clustering)

Gathering. Meeting. Integration.
Short Interpretation of Hexagram 45 – The Collection
One draws closer to loved and appreciated people. Welcome the invitations you receive, it is the right time for interpersonal contacts to cultivate.

I Ching – General Description

The sign is similar to the Pi sign, Solidarity, N ° 8, in shape and meaning. There the water is above the earth, here the lake is below the earth. The lake is the water collection point, so here the idea of ​​the gathering is even more strongly expressed than in that other sign. The same basic idea also arises from the fact that here are two strong lines, in fourth and fifth place, the ones that operate the collection, while there is only one line in fifth place among the weak ones.

I Ching – Comment on sentence

Collection. Successful. The king approaches his temple. It is auspicious to see the great man. This brings success. Auspicious is perseverance. Offering great sacrifices brings health. It is propitious to undertake something

The gathering of men into larger communities is as natural as within the family, or as artificial as in the state. The family gathers around the father as its boss. The continuation of this collection is accomplished through the sacrifices to the ancestors, for which the whole family gathers. The piety of those who remained on earth gathers in spirit the presence of the ancestors, so that they are neither lost nor dissolved. Where it comes to gathering men, religious forces are needed. But there must also be a human head as a gathering center. In order to be able to gather others it is this same center that must first gather itself into itself. Only an accumulated moral strength can unite the world. Such great times of union will also leave behind great works. This is the meaning of the great sacrifices that are offered.

I Ching – Image

The lake is above the earth: The image of the harvest. Thus the noble renews his weapons To face the unexpected.

When the water gathers in the lake, so that it rises above the earth, it threatens to overflow. We must face it with appropriate measures. So where men gather in large numbers, a quarrel is finally born; where many goods are gathered, robbery easily arises. Therefore; during collection times, you have to arm yourself in time to defend yourself against the unexpected. Pain on earth comes mostly from unexpected events against which you are not armed. Once imperturbability is achieved, pain can be prevented.

I Ching – Series

When beings meet with each other, then they accumulate. This is why the sign follows: the Collection. Collection means accumulation.

I Ching – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching – First line:

Six at the beginning means:
If you are true but not to the end, There is now confusion, now gathering. If you call, just hold out your hand to be able to laugh again. Don’t be sorry. Going there is spotless.

The circumstances here are such that you want to gather around a boss you admire, but find yourself in the midst of numerous company by which you allow yourself to be influenced so that your determination falters. Thus there is no solid collection center. But if this need is voiced by calling for help, a look of the head is enough to ward off misery. For this we must not be misled. Accompanying that garment is certainly right.

I Ching – Second line:

Six in the second place means:
Being pulled brings health and remains unblemished. If you are true It is also beneficial to offer a small sacrifice.

In times of harvest, one must not arbitrarily choose one’s path. It is at the work of the occult forces which lead to one another the men suitable for each other. We must abandon ourselves to this attraction, then we do not fall into errors. Where there are internal relationships there is no need for great preparations and formalities. We certainly understand, as the divinity also does when it graciously accepts a small sacrifice when it comes from the heart.

I Ching – Third line:

Six in the third place means:
Collection with sighs. Nothing that is propitious. Going there is spotless. Little shame.

Often we would need to accompany each other, but all the other people in our environment have already associated with each other, so that we remain isolated. The whole situation is such that it is unsustainable. Then it is advisable to turn towards progress, to accompany us with determination to a man who is closer to the center of the gathering, thus being able to introduce us into the closed circle. This is not a mistake, although as a novice you have an awkward position at first.

I Ching – Fourth line:

Nine in the fourth place means:
Great health! No stains.

A man is drawn here who gathers men around him in the name of his lord. Since he does not aspire to any personal advantage, but works with self-denial for the general union, his work is crowned with success and everything settles down.

I Ching – Fifth line:

Nine in the fifth place means:
If by harvesting one has the right condition This does not give any stain. If some are not yet truly in solidarity There is a need for sublime and lasting perseverance, And repentance vanishes.

When men gather around us alone, it is certainly good in case this touches us without us looking for it. This gives you a certain influence, which can be very useful. But in this way there is of course also the possibility that some people who come not from intimate trust, but only because of our influential position, gather around us. It is certainly a pity that this happens. In front of such people there is no other means than to acquire their trust with increased unwavering fidelity to duty and perseverance. With this the secret mistrust is gradually overcome, and the reason for regret disappears.

I Ching – Sixth line:

Six above means:
Moans and sighs, tears flowing! No stains.

It may happen that one would like, it is true, to associate, but that the good intention is not recognized. Then we are sad and we complain. But this is the right way. Since in this way it can happen that the other returns to his senses and still finds the company sought that we are sorely lacking.

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