I Ching 44 Hexagram gòu (Coupling)

I Ching 44 Hexagram gòu (Coupling)

I Ching 44 Hexagram gòu (Coupling)

Intrusions. Temptations.
Short Interpretation of Hexagram 44 – Making Encounter
Do not act “belly”, think calmly before acting.

I Ching – General Description

The sign hints at a situation in which the dark principle, after it had already been eliminated, secretly and unexpectedly infiltrates again from within and below. The feminine spontaneously meets men. This is a dangerous and unfavorable situation, due to the possible consequences that must be recognized in time and thus groped to prevent. The sign is coordinated with the fifth month, when with the summer solstice the dark beginning gradually begins to rise again.

I Ching – Comment on sentence

The meeting. The girl is powerful. You shouldn’t marry such a girl.

The rise of the ignoble is drawn here with the image of a girl who easily gives herself and thus takes over domination by violence. This would not be possible if the loud and clear on her part did not meet her. The ignoble seems so innocent and caressing as to make him feel great pleasure. He looks so small and weak that he thinks he can joke with it lightly. Thus the ignoble can get a high position only because the noble deems it harmless and gives it power. Instead, by setting itself against it from the first moment, it could never come to have influence. But the time of meeting also has another aspect worthy of consideration. If even the false encounter of the weak in front of the strong is not to be the constant rule, it is sometimes also of great importance. When heaven and earth come to meet us, all creatures reach prosperity. When the prince and aide meet each other, the world comes to order. A reciprocal coming together of principles which are destined for each other, and which each other need, is necessary. Only it must not be accompanied by impure thoughts otherwise it is bad.

I Ching – Image

Below the sky is the wind: the image of meeting. So does the prince when he divulges his commands And proclaims them to the four cardinal points.

Here the situation resembles that of the sign the Aspect, No. 20. There the wind blows on the earth, here it blows under the sky. Both times it gets everywhere. But if the wind was down on the earth it resulted as an image that the ruler takes note of the various conditions. Here the wind blows from above; this fact hints at the influence that the sovereign exercises with his commands. Heaven is distant from earthly things, but it sets them in motion by means of the wind. The sovereign is distant from the people, but sets them in motion by means of his commands and manifestations of his will.

I Ching – Series

With the decision one certainly comes across something. For this he follows the sign: the meeting. Meeting means coming across.

I Ching – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching – First line:

Six at the beginning means:
You have to stop it with a bronze shoe to stop the wheels. Perseverance is healthy! By letting go you suffer misfortune! Even a lean pig has the aptitude to rage.

When an inferior element has infiltrated it must be stopped immediately and vigorously. By braking it consistently, you can avoid bad consequences. If you let it go, misfortune certainly results. We must not be seduced by the futility of what creeps in, nor be taken lightly. As long as a pig is still young and thin, he cannot indulge himself much, but as soon as he has devoured enough to become full and strong his true nature asserts itself, if you do not set it before the limits.

I Ching – Second line:

Nine in the second place means:
There is a fish in the vase. No stains. Not suitable for guests.

The low element is not raped but kept under mild control. Then there is nothing bad to fear. You just have to take care not to let it come into contact with rather strangers, because it would unleashed its evil sides if you let it run.

I Ching – Third line:

Nine in the third place means:
There is no skin on the thighs And walking is difficult. Remaining Mindful of Danger No serious mistakes are made.

It is tempting inwardly to get stuck with the bad element that is offered to us. This is a very dangerous situation. Fortunately, circumstances prevent us from doing so. We would like to, it is true, but we cannot. This produces a painful indecision in acting. But clearly realizing the danger of the situation will avoid, at the very least, more serious errors.

I Ching – Fourth line:

Nine in the fourth place means:
There is no fish in the jar. From this calamity arises.

Little people have to be tolerated to keep them well disposed. So when by chance you need it, you can also use it. By pushing it away and not coming towards it, it turns its back on us and then it is not at our disposal when we might need it. But then the fault must be attributed to ourselves.

I Ching – Fifth line:

Nine in the fifth place means:
A melon covered with willow leaf Hidden lines. And here it falls for us from heaven.

The melon is, like the fish, the symbol of the dark principle. It is sweet but easily rots. Therefore it is customary to cover it with willow leaves to protect it. The situation is such that a strong, superior man, steadfast in himself, tolerantly protects the lowly ones who are in his custody. He possesses within himself the firm lines of order and beauty. But he does not enforce them. It does not bore them with outward appearances or with boring admonitions, but leaves them completely free, firmly trusting in the transformative power inherent in a strong and pure personality. And behold: fate is propitious! The bass is affected by it and falls into his lap like ripe fruit.

I Ching – Sixth line:

Nine above means:
He meets with his horns. Shameful. No stains!

When we have withdrawn from the world, the commotion of it often becomes unbearable. There are often people who with noble pride keep themselves away from all that is ignoble, abruptly rejecting it wherever they meet. Such people are reproached because they are proud and inaccessible, but since the duty to act no longer binds them to the world, this is not a great evil. They know how to endure the aversion of the masses.

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