I Ching 35 Hexagram jìn (Prospering)

I Ching 35 Hexagram jìn (Prospering)

I Ching 35 Hexagram jìn (Prospering)

Success. Winning. Popularity.
Short interpretation of Hexagram 35 – Progress
Personal and professional growth. Even in love you develop. Before making important decisions, do some clarity with yourself.

I Ching – General Description

The sign represents the sun rising above the earth; it is therefore the image of quick and easy progress, which at the same time means ever greater expansion and clarity.

I Ching – Comment on sentence

The progress. The strong prince is honored with horses in large numbers. In one day it is received three times.

As an example, a time is depicted in which a strong loyal prince gathered the other princes around the great king in obedience and peace, and was richly gifted and held by him in his immediate vicinity. There is a twofold concept here. The true action of progress starts with a man in a dependent position, whom the others willingly follow, considering him an equal. This leader has sufficient inner clarity not to abuse the great influence he possesses, using it instead in favor of his lord. The lord, on the other hand, free from all jealousy, richly endows the great man and draws him permanently alongside him. An enlightened lord and an obedient servant: these are the necessary conditions for great progress.

I Ching – Image

The sun rises above the earth: the image of progress. Thus the noble makes his clear abilities resplendent.

The light of the sun rising above the earth is naturally clear, but the higher the sun rises, the more it comes out of the haze and shines farther away in its original purity in all directions. Thus the true nature of man is also originally good, but clouded by its links with the earth; therefore it needs purification to be able to shine in the clarity that was originally suited to it (This is the theme dealt with comprehensively in the Higher Culture (Ta Huo).

I Ching – Series

Beings cannot always remain in the state of power. For this he follows the sign: Progress. Progress means expansion.

I Ching – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching – First line:

Six at the beginning means:
Progressive, but rejected. Perseverance brings health! Not meeting trust, remain calm. No error.

In a time when everyone thinks of nothing but progress, it is still uncertain whether progressing cannot be met with rejection. Then it is appropriate to simply continue in the right; this ultimately brings health. It may be that there is no trust. In this case, don’t try to get it at any cost; we must remain calm and serene and not let oneself be taken by anger. Thus one remains flawless.

I Ching – Second line:

Six in the second place means:
Progressive but in sadness. Perseverance brings health! Then you get great luck from your ava.

Progress is arrested, it is understood that one cannot approach the man in a directive position with whom one is in relationship. This brings sadness. But in that case it is wise to remain persevering, then great fortune will be obtained from that maternally forgiving personality. This fortune comes and is well deserved because the mutual inclination is not based on selfish or party motives, but on firm and correct principles.

I Ching – Third line:

Six in the third place means:
Everyone agrees. Repentance vanishes.

We tend forward and, precisely, in communion with others, whose agreement supports us. With this, the reasons for the regret disappear, which could consist in the fact that one does not possess the necessary independence to stand up for oneself against any adverse fate.

I Ching – Fourth line:

Nine in the fourth place means:
Progress like a country mouse. Perseverance brings danger.

In times of progress it is easy for a strong man, when he is in an inadequate position, to grab many things. But such behavior fears the light. And since the times of progress are always times in which the sun brings to light every tramenio that hides in the shadows, persevering in this activity necessarily brings with it danger.

I Ching – Fifth line:

Six in the fifth place means:
Repentance vanishes. Don’t take your gain and loss to heart. Businesses bring health. Everything is propitious.

Here a situation is outlined in which in times of progress one finds oneself in a decisive place and one is mild and contained. One could blame oneself for not being able to exploit the favor of time vigorously enough and for not having obtained every possible advantage. But this repentance vanishes. You don’t have to take loss and gain to heart. These are minor things. It is more important to have ensured in this way the possibility of an action full of success and prosperity.

I Ching – Sixth line:

Nine above means: To advance with the horns is lawful only To punish one’s region. Awareness of danger brings health. No stains. Perseverance brings shame.

To progress with the horns, that is, to proceed by attacking, one must, in the times in question, only in the face of the mistakes of one’s own people. In doing so, one must remain aware of the fact that this violent procedure is always connected with danger. This avoids the errors that would otherwise threaten, and what was designed succeeds. Continuing with perseverance in this overly energetic attitude, especially in front of rather strangers, will lead instead to shame.

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