I Ching 34 Hexagram dà zhuàng (Great Invigorating)

I Ching 34 Hexagram dà zhuàng (Great Invigorating)

I Ching 34 Hexagram dà zhuàng (Great Invigorating)

Big and strong. Opportunity. Release the energy. Using force correctly.
Short Interpretation of Hexagram 34 – The Power of the Great
At great in love and work foster initiative. Health well. Try not to disappoint the expectations of others.

I Ching – General Description

Big lines, that is, clear and strong ones, are powerful. Four clear lines have entered the mark from below and are about to rise again. The higher half-sign is Cenn, the exciting, the lower Kkienn, the creative. The creative is strong, the exciting is the motive. The union of motion and force gives the power of the great as meaning. The sign is coordinated with the second month (March-April).

I Ching – Comment on sentence

The power of the great. Auspicious is perseverance.

The sign indicates a time when the inner value rises powerfully and comes to domination. But the force has already passed the midpoint. Therefore there is the danger of trusting one’s power without asking each time if what is being done is right, that one seeks the movement without waiting for the right time. For this the sentence is added that perseverance is propitious. For the true great power is precisely that which does not degenerate into mere violence, but remains inwardly joined to the principles of law and justice. Understanding this point, that that is, that greatness and justice must be indissolubly linked, we understand the meaning of every universal occurrence in heaven and on earth.

I Ching – Image

Thunder is up in the sky: The image of the power of the great. Thus the noble does not tread paths that do not correspond to order.

The thunder, the electric force, rises to the top in spring. This movement is in accordance with the direction of the motion of the sky. It is therefore in harmony with heaven and produces great power. True greatness however is based on concordance with what is right. For this reason the noble in times of great power is careful not to do things that are not in accordance with what corresponds to the order.

I Ching – Series

Things can’t always retreat. For this it follows: the Great Power.

I Ching – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching – First line:

Nine at the beginning means:
Power in the toes. To continue like this brings misfortune. This is certainly true.

The toes are in the lowest place and are ready to walk forward, so a great power in the low place tends to achieve progress by violence. But that would certainly lead to misfortune if it continued to do so. For this a warning is added as a warning.

I Ching – Second line:

Nine in the second place means:
Perseverance brings health!

The situation in question is that the doors to success are beginning to open. Resistance begins to fail. It progresses powerfully. This is the point where an arrogance that does not know how to restrain itself too easily intervenes. Hence the oracle, that perseverance – in inner balance and without exaggerated use of power, means health.

I Ching – Third line:

Nine in the third place means:
The ignoble works by power, the noble does not work like this. Continuing to do so is dangerous. A goat bumps into a hedge And snags its horns.

Insisting on power leads to complications, as a goat hitting a hedge catches its horns. While the ignoble, when in possession of power, knows no measures, the noble does not do so. In any case, he is aware of the danger of continuing in this attitude and therefore renounces in time a mere display of power.

I Ching – Fourth line:

Nine in the fourth place means:
Perseverance brings health! Repentance vanishes. The hedge opens, there is no entanglement. Power rests on the axis of a large carriage.

By working perseveringly and quietly to eliminate resistances, one succeeds in the end. (This is also true in the fight against the imperfections of one’s own nature. Here, too, one must not tire, despite continuous relapses, but continue until success intervenes and the moment arrives when one can say: ″ All the transient, -Irretito in sin, – It is now over, -The wings grow, -The shutter is raised -Of the eternal hall ″) The impediments yield, and any reason for repentance, deriving from an exaggerated use of power disappears. Power does not show itself externally, but it carries heavy loads like a large carriage whose strength rests on its axles. The less power is employed outward, the more strongly it operates.

I Ching – Fifth line:

Loses stubbornness easily. No repentance!

The goat is distinguished by external hardness, while internally it is weak. Now the situation is such that everything is very easy; there is no longer any resistance. Let us abandon the belligerent attitude, stubborn as a goat, and there will be no regret.

I Ching – Sixth line:

Six above means:
A goat collides with a hedge. Can’t go back. It cannot go on. Nothing is propitious. If you notice the difficulty, it brings health.

If you venture too far, you arrive at a dead end where you can neither go forward nor go back, and everything only serves to make things even more complicated. With such obstinacy one falls into insurmountable difficulties. But understanding the situation and not wanting to continue like this, over time everything will be fine again.

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