I Ching 26 Hexagram dà chù (Great Accumulating)

I Ching 26 Hexagram dà chù (Great Accumulating)

I Ching 26 Hexagram dà chù (Great Accumulating)

Check your strength. Take control of the situation. Tame. Control.
Short Interpretation of Hexagram 26 – The Great
Taming Force Take on your responsibilities in all areas of your life. Love, work and health and the results will come.

I Ching – General Description

The creative is tamed by arrest. This gives great strength to the opposite of the number nine, where the meek alone tames the creative. While a weak line has to tame the five strong ones, here there are two, besides the minister also the prince. Therefore their taming force is much more vigorous. A triple meaning is inherent in the sign: the sky inside the mountain gives the idea of ​​holding firm = holding together; the Kenn sign, which the Kkienn sign holds in rest, gives the idea of ​​holding firm = holding back. Finally being a strong line at the top, the lord of the sign who is honored is fed as a sage, the idea of ​​holding firm = care, nutrition results. This latter idea comes into action especially with the lord of the sign, the strong upper line representing the sage.

I Ching – Comment on sentence

The great taming force. Auspicious is perseverance. Not eating at home brings health. It is auspicious to cross the great water.

To maintain and accumulate great creative forces, as the sign represents, there is a need for a strong man, with clear ideas, who is honored by the sovereign. The Kkienn sign hints at great creative force. The Kenn sign has solidity and truth, both hinting at light and clarity and a daily renewal of character. Only by means of such a daily self-renewal are the forces maintained in maximum efficiency. While in quiet times the strength of habit helps to maintain order, in such great epochs of accumulation of strength it all depends on the potency of the personality. But since those who are worthy are honored, as evidenced by the strong personality to whom the sovereign entrusts the management, it is propitious not to eat at home, but to earn bread in public by accepting a position. It is in concordance with heaven;

I Ching – Image

The sky inside the mountain: The image of the great taming force. Thus the noble learns to know many sayings of remote antiquity And many facts of the past, To strengthen his character with them.

The sky inside the mountain hints at hidden treasures. Thus in the words and deeds of the past lies a treasure that can be used to strengthen and enhance one’s character. This right kind of study is: not to limit oneself to historical notions, but to make the historian always present by applying him over and over again.

I Ching – Series

When there is innocence, then it can be tamed. For this he follows the sign: the taming Force of the great.

I Ching – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching – First line:

Nine at the beginning means:
There is danger. It is auspicious to abstain

We would undoubtedly want a more energetic progress of things. But there is an inherent obstacle to the situation. We see that the way is barred. Wanting to progress by force would lead to disgrace. Therefore it is better to gather and wait until a way out for the accumulated forces opens up.

I Ching – Second line:

Nine in the second place means:
The hall bearings are removed from the carriage.

Here progress is prevented, in the likeness of the small taming Force. N ° 9, nine in second place. But while there the inhibiting force is insignificant and therefore a conflict arises between what tends forward and what inhibits, and the spokes of the carriage wheels jump off; here the inhibiting force is undoubtedly the superior. There is therefore no struggle. We adapt and remove the bearings of the halls from the carriage for now, that is, we just wait. Doing this builds up the spring force needed to progress vigorously later.

I Ching – Third line:

Nine in the third place means:
A good horse that follows others. Auspicious is awareness of danger and perseverance. Practice driving the carriage and protecting yourself with weapons every day. It is propitious to have where to go.

The way opens. The impediment has ceased. We are in relationship with a strong will that acts in the same sense. You progress like a good horse following another. But there is still a threat of danger; and in order not to be deprived of the strength of mind, one must remain aware of it. So on the one hand we must practice the things that make us move forward, on the other hand those that protect us from an unexpected assault. It is also good to have a goal to aspire to.

I Ching – Fourth line:

Six in the fourth place means:
The shelter board of a young bull. Great health!

This line and the next are the ones that tame the inferiors who are pushing forward. Before a bull has grown horns, a tablet of shelter is secured to his forehead to ensure that, when the horns are blunt, they cannot hurt. A good method of taming is to face the ferocity that is about to erupt before it manifests itself; in this way one obtains an easy and great success.

I Ching – Fifth line:

Six in the fifth place means:
The tooth of a castrated boar. Health!

Here the taming of impetuous impetuosity is achieved indirectly. In itself the boar’s tooth is dangerous; but when the nature of the boar is changed it loses its dangerousness. Thus also in man it is not necessary to fight his primitive instincts directly, but to eliminate the roots of wildness.

I Ching – Sixth line:

Nine above means:
Heavenly way is obtained. Successful.

The time for inhibition has passed. The long accumulated force of inhibition erupts and is very successful. It is a sage that the sovereign honors and whose principles now penetrate everywhere and shape the world.

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