I Ching 1 Hexagram Qián (The Creative)

I Ching 1 Hexagram Qián (The Creative)

I Ching 1 Hexagram Qián

Power, Creativity, Strength, Tirelessness.

Brief interpretation
In sincere and constructive love, the relationship is equal to work in that business and initiatives are favored.
Well the health that is invigorating your body and your mind.

I Ching 1 hexagram- General Description

The sign is made up of six whole lines. The whole lines correspond to the primordial luminous, strong spiritual, active force. The sign is unitarily strong in its nature. Since it is free from any weakness, its intrinsic quality is strength. His image is the sky. Strength is represented not constrained by fixed spatial conditions. Therefore it is conceived as a motion. The basis of this motion is time. And also the power of time and the power of persevering over time, duration, are contained in the sign.

In the explanation of the sign, a double interpretation must be kept in mind: the macrocosmic one and that of its action on the human world. Applied to universal events, the strong creative work of divinity is expressed in the sign. Applied to the human world, it designates the creative action of the saint and sage, of the sovereign and guide of men, who awakens their superior nature through his strength and develops it. The sign is ascribed to the fourth month (April-May), when the light force is at its peak, even before the decline of the vintage begins with the summer solstice.

I Ching 1 hexagram – Comment on sentence

The creative sublime successful work, Auspicious by perseverance. According to the original sense, the qualities are grouped in pairs. For the one who obtains this oracle, this fact means that it is granted success resulting from cosmic events from the primordial depths; first of all, it is important for his happiness and that of others that he works only by persevering in the right. Very soon the reflection turned on the four qualities and their particular meaning. The Chinese word that has been rendered with ″ sublime ″ means ″ head, origin, large ″. Therefore in Kung Tse’s explanation it is said: ″ Great indeed is the primordial force of the creative, all beings owe their beginning to him.

And this form pervades the whole sky “. Since this first quality also permeates the other three. The beginning of all things is, so to speak, still beyond, in the form of ideas that have yet to be realized. But the strength of giving shape to these primary images of ideas is also inherent in the creative. This is designated by the word ″; successful ″ ;. This process is represented by an image taken from nature. (See Genesis Chap. 2, I et seq., Where the burgeoning of individual beings is also traced back to the fall of rain) “Clouds go and rain works, and every single entity runs in its own shape”.

Transported into the human, these qualities point to the great man the way to full success: ″ Aiming with great clarity the causes and effects, he completes the six steps at the right time and climbs on them at the right time as on six dragons towards the sky”. The six steps are the six individual places of the sign, which later are represented with the image of dragons. As an itinerary towards success, the knowledge and realization of the Universal Sense is designated here, which, as a law that penetrates everything, carries out all the phenomena conditioned by time, giving them a beginning and an end.

And each step reached is simultaneously the preparation for the next, and time is no longer an impediment but a means to achieve the possible. After having expressed with the two qualities “sublime” and “successful” the act of creation, it is indicated, relying on the two expressions “propitious”, literally “creating what corresponds to the essence”, and “perseverance”, literally “right” and balance ″, the conservation work that appears as a continued realization of the improvement in form. ″ The course of the creative changes and shapes beings until each one obtains the right nature that is destined for him, then keeps them in accordance with the great harmony. Thus it is propitious for perseverance “.

I Ching 1 hexagram – Image

The motion of the sky is vigorous.
Thus the nobleman makes himself strong and tireless.

The doubling of the sign Kkienn, whose image is the sky, indicates, since there is only one sky, the motion of the sky. A circular motion made by the sky is one day. The doubling of the sign means that another follows each day. This produces the idea of ​​time and also, given that it is the same sky that moves with untiring force, the idea of ​​the vigorous duration of time and, beyond time, of a motion that never remains nor disappears, as perpetually per day follows day.

This duration over time is the image of strength in its belonging to the creative. The essay portrays the model to follow to acquire lasting efficiency. He must make himself fully strong in everything, consciously eliminating all that lowers and is vulgar. Thus he gains that tirelessness which is based on closed circles of activity.

I Ching 1 hexagram – Series

After Heaven and Earth came into existence, myriads of beings were produced. The Creative and the Receptive are the origin, the source of the creation.

I Ching 1 hexagram – Single Lines

Analytical description of each individual line

I Ching – First line: Nine at the beginning means: Covered Dragon.

Don’t act. The dragon has a completely different meaning in China than in the West. The dragon is the symbol of the mobile-electric force, vigorous, stimulating, which appears in the storm. This force withdraws to the earth during the winter, returning to action again in the spring and apparent in the sky as lightning and thunder. Consequently, even on earth the creative forces are revived. This creative force is covered underground, and therefore has no effect yet. It means, referring to human conditions, that a man of value is still unknown. Nonetheless, he remains true to himself. And it does not allow itself to be influenced by external successes and failures, on the contrary, it waits for its moment strong and without worries. It is appropriate for those who draw this line to wait calm, strong and patient. Its time will come. There is no need to fear that a strong will will not be asserted. On the contrary, it is not appropriate to spend one’s time and to want to obtain with violence something that has not yet come.

Changing in hexagram 44

I Ching – Second line: Nine in second place means: Dragon appearing in the field. It is propitious to see the great man.

The effects of light force begin to show. Referred to human conditions, it means that the great man appears in the field of his activity. It does not yet have a dominant position, not yet emerging among its peers. What distinguishes him from others is his seriousness, his absolute trustworthiness, the influence he exerts without conscious effort on his environment. Such a man is destined to have great influence and to put the world in order. It is therefore auspicious to see it.

I Ching – Third line:Nine in third place means: The nobleman is creatively active all day.

Still in the evening it is full of worrying thoughts. Danger. No stain. A circle of action opens up for the important man. His fame begins to extend. The masses fall on his lap. Its inner strength is equal to the increased outer activity. He has a lot to do and even in the evening, when others rest, plans and thoughts crowd in him. There is still a danger here in the place of passage from the bottom up. Already many great men ended up in ruins because the masses fell on their lap dragging them into their orbit. Ambition ruined inner purity. But true greatness is not affected by temptations. If one remains in contact with the germs of the new time and their needs, one has sufficient prudence to avoid deviations and remains unblemished.

I Ching – Fourth line: Nine in fourth place means: Swinging surge upwards, above the abyss. No stain.

The transition point is reached where freedom can manifest itself. A double possibility lies before the important man: either to rise and be decisive in the great life, or to withdraw and develop one’s personality in solitude: the path of the hero or of the hidden saint. To decide which is the right one there is no general rule. Anyone in this situation must freely decide according to the most intimate laws of his essence. If he acts with the utmost sincerity and consequence he will find the way that corresponds to him, and this is the right and spotless way for him.

I Ching – Fifth line: Nine in fifth place means: Flying dragon in the sky. It is propitious to see the great man.

The great man has arrived in the sphere of celestiality. Its influence extends far away, all over the world. Anyone who sees it can be said to be blessed. Kung Tse in this regard says: ″ What agrees over time vibrates together. What is related in the most intimate essence is sought. Water flows to the wet. the fire turns towards the dry. The clouds (breath of the sky) follow the dragon, the wind (breath of the earth) follows the tiger. Thus the sage rises, and all the others fix their gaze on him. What is generated from heaven feels akin to what is above. That which is generated from the earth feels akin to that which lies below. Everyone follows their own nature ″.

I Ching – Sixth line: Nine above means: Haughty Dragon will have to repent.

When you want to climb high enough to lose contact with other men, you remain isolated and this necessarily leads to failure. This is a warning against a titanic aspiration that goes beyond one’s strength. A fall into the abyss would be the consequence.

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