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I am Sebastian Clifton Mills, some word about me!

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Sebastian Clifton Mills, Google about me

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I am 64 years old and my main passions are life, in particular, happiness.
The I-Ching has allowed me, from time to time, to find an inner balance between my fears and the courage to take the first step.
Or to stand still. So, I’d like to show my history…

I live in Scotland and am a civil engineer.

I first came into contact with the book of changes in my last year of university. And I got in touch with it in the simplest and most naïve way imaginable.
Every day I took the train to follow the lessons and often I arrived a long time earlier to take the train that would take me home and I took the opportunity to have a beer or take a tour of the bookstore.
Imagine the scene, I was in love with the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the universe, I was in the library and this strange book appeared in front of me.
I asked a question and opened it on a random page.
It was hexagram 7.

The wife, Google about me

It is not so much the result or the hexagram 7 that struck me as a whole but as a single sentence contained in it.
I began to deepen the subject ranging between mathematics and philosophy. Without ever forgetting all of Jung’s work on synchronism.
The feeling I had the first time was repeated over and over again: that is, that feeling of calm that I felt every time I “found” my answer to the question.
Eventually that woman married me, that sweet revolutionary, sassy and mischievous girl, married me!
He still bears me today despite my bear character, we had four children. Four wonderful creatures.
We live surrounded by nature but in constant contact with issues of urban madness, with irony and a pinch of salt.
Now you are wondering which sentence of hexagram 7 struck me … try to read it in full and you will find out.

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