COVID TRAVEL UPDATE: China Restricts Overseas Travel to Curb Fresh Covid Outbreak

In an effort to slow down the spread of Coronavirus and its new variants in China, Beijing, on 4 August 2021, toughened travel restrictions on its citizens. With limited transport services and hard lockdowns in place, China intends to beat the 2nd wave of Coronavirus without any adverse repercussions.

According to the local media and reports, China has reported the highest cases of infections – the most since January. Though the local governments have carried out meticulous testing in and around its cities, the Central wants to ensure that the COVID-19 pandemic does not get out of hand as it did during the first wave.

Immigration official Liu Haitao briefed the media that the China immigration authority would stop issuing regular passports and additional documents required to exit the country in “non-essential and non-emergency” situations. And citizens travelling abroad for academics, business or employment purposes will have their documents issued upon verification.

How China deals with COVID-19 and its variants is yet to be known. However, the government is taking all the right steps to curb the spread of the virus!

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