Best Places To Visit In Nagaland In August

Everything about Nagaland spells ‘unique’. From its culture and interesting festival celebrations to local food options. Nagaland is also a tourist hotspot boasting of rich beauty in the form of picturesque hills and plains spread everywhere. These along with the vibrant culture of Nagaland and its tribes give it an exceptional look and feel.

This article will give you enough information on this wonderland to make you want to pack your essentials and head to Nagaland. Have a look at these ten best places to visit in Nagaland in August.

1. Wokha

As you arrive in Wokha, the mountains and lush green landscape are right in your vantage point to greet you! You will find many plants with colourful flowers and fresh fruits, and free-flowing rivers, enchanting with their magnificence. The tribe that controls most of the land is the Lotha tribe.

2. Mon

Mon belongs to a strong tribe called Konyak Nagas, who regard themselves to be the offsprings of Noah. Mon is located at an altitude of 898 m above sea level. Mon is considered to be the most enthralling and mystifying place because of its strong tribal heritage and ascending location. There is something in the air that draws you and makes you dream with your eyes wide open here.

3. Khonoma Green Village

Khonoma Green Village is the result of responsible Naga tribes. Situated at a distance of about 20kms from Kohima, Khonoma Green Village is one of its kinds in India. The village is the home of the Angami tribe who have given up hunting and only practice agriculture (jhum or shift agriculture) to make a living. The houses in Khonoma are made using natural means and it is a way of Angami to show concern for the conservation of natural resources.

4. Kohima

Kohima is the capital of Nagaland which deserves to be on the travel-list of every traveller. Kohima, also known as Kewhira, is a pure delight for a traveller who prefers being amidst untouched nature. Situated at an elevation of 1500 m above sea level, Kohima is home to breath-taking hills and forests. One can also revel in adventures like hiking, trekking and camping in Kohima. Also, you can interact with the Angami tribe, to know more about the history of the place.

5. Tuensang

Endure the diverse culture and beliefs of the co-living tribes in Tuensang. This region will let you take away some of the most impressive and artistically valuable handicrafts, handlooms, artwork, and jewellery. Also learn the interesting history of Nagas by touring the Living Stone of Tuensang, located 55 Km away from Tuensang town.

6. Mokokchung

Mokokchung is the most exciting district of Nagaland owing to the rich traditions and festivals of the lively AO tribe, who calls this place their abode. Get ready to soak your senses in the beauty of the mountains and water bodies. There are many attractive places located in and around Mokokchung that will leave a traveller tongue-tied.

7. Dimapur

Dimapur acts as a gateway to Kohima, as the only domestic airport in Nagaland is situated here. Dimapur is reckoned amongst the top Nagaland tourist spots and offers a much-required retreat for both nature and history lovers. You can visit Kachari, the old ruins of the 10th century that stands in the backdrop of spell-bounding nature.

8. Kiphire

If your idea of a vacation is to indulge in fun-filled adventure activities, Kiphire is your place! It is host to the highest peak in Nagaland- Saramati. You can spend a day or two trekking in this extraordinary mountain range moving through a lush Rhododendron forest. There are several other popular attractions in and around Kiphire like Sukhayap or Lover’s Paradise, Cavers’ delight, and Wawade.

9. Zunheboto

Once you arrive at Zunheboto or Zunhebo, you will be introduced to the strong and vibrant culture of Sumi Nagas. They are a powerful tribe that are believed to have introduced martial arts to Indians. Zunhebo has a lot to offer a tourist; from its striking Baptist church (most comprehensive in Asia)and amicable hamlets to sanctuaries, refuge to many endangered species of birds and animals.

10. Tuophema

A tourist village, situated about 41kms away from Kohima, Tuophema is built around an ethnic model of tourism. The village offers traditionally styled thatched huts, traditional artefacts, pieces of jewellery, clothing and souvenir museum and authentic Naga delicacies. This place gives an opportunity to soak the colour of Nagas and learn more about the culture of this fascinating land.

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