Best Places To Visit In Mizoram In July 2021

Everything about Mizoram feels ‘ different’; from its natural bounties and colourful carnivals to attires and distinct food options. These, along with the distinct culture of Mizoram and its people, give it a sublime look and vibe. Mizoram is also a place of teeming beauty, which is manifested in its mystifying plains and hills spread ubiquitously. If Mizoram never crossed your mind until now; make sure you read the complete article to know why Mizoram deserves a visit this monsoon. Have a look at these ten best places to visit in Mizoram in July.

Khwanglung Wildlife Sanctuary

If your idea of a vacation is to explore and connect with nature, then Khwanglung Wildlife Sanctuary should be your stop! Located about 130 Km away from Aizawl, the sanctuary is one of the most visited places in Mizoram due to the biodiversity, and wilderness it offers. This wildlife reserve spreads across a massive 35 Sq Km and is abode to several rare and exotic animals such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Gibbon, Sambar, Barking Deer, Sero and the Hoolock, to name a few! Besides the wildlife, the lush valleys and the stunning views of the Sanctuary are hard to miss!

Vantawng Falls

Falling from a height of 750 feet, Vantawng Falls is the highest waterfall in Mizoram. It is situated at a distance of 135 Km from Aizawl and is a popular attraction for nature enthusiasts and tourists from all across the world. Also, one can involve in activities like hiking and trekking to enjoy the surrounding hills and thick forests. Moreover, this hotspot can be viewed from a distance, and it is truly a mesmerising sight, even from afar.

Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary

Dampa is a tiger reserve stationed in West Phaileng district and is located 130 Km from Aizawl. A permit to visit the Dampa forest can be obtained directly by meeting the forest official staying in West Phaileng or can be taken from the forest department in Aizawl. And the best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season, i.e., in July. This sanctuary is a haven for many exotic animals, like Tiger, Elephants and Langurs. On the whole, Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent place for tourists and travellers to discover the best of life forms.


Tamdil (Tam Lake) is a natural lake reputed for its unique fish varieties and prawns. Located just about 90 minutes drive from Aizawl, this stunning lake offers some of the best activities to partake in. Be it boat rides, Jungle safaris (located adjacent to the lake) or camping options, Tamdil offers anything and everything for people from all walks of life!

Phawngpui Tlang (Blue Mountain)

Located about 230 Km away from Aizawl and reaching 2330 m above sea level, Phawngpui Tlang or the Blue Mountain is the highest peak in Mizoram. This peaceful hilly state, where nature and its people come together, offers an amazing and unique experience! Packed by herds of mountain goats and flocks of birds, there is minimal or no human intrusion at the slopes of this beautiful mountain; leaving them fairly untouched and spotless. Thus, Phawngpui Tlang is a popular place to visit in Mizoram among the trekking circuit.

Rih Dil

The Rih Dil is a heart-shaped pool positioned at the border of Myanmar and Mizoram. According to a popular Mizo folk tale, this lake is believed to be the place where spirits retire before they cross over to the afterlife. The lake is open to Mizo people and visitors with special permits. And for tourists to explore this natural haven, special permission has to be obtained by the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.


Nestled in the heart of the Aizawl district, Solomon Temple is an important destination for the people of the Christian Faith. A religious sect called Kohhran Thianghlim built this famous tourist attraction. It was commissioned in 1997, and it took the organisation two laborious decades to turn that vision into actuality. Built with pristine white marble and crafted by artists with exceptional skills, Solomon Temple is unquestionably one of the most prominent places to visit in Mizoram.

Mizoram State Museum

Located about 5 Km away from the Solomon Temple, the Mizoram State Museum is a delight for anyone who has a liking for local anecdotes and history. The museum is among the best tourist places in Mizoram thanks to the state authorities of Mizoram for managing and sustaining the collections of artefacts and antiquities of the land of Mizoram and the Mizo people.

Also, the museum displays the conventional lifestyles of the Mizo people through daily objects like vessels, clothes, and tools. A trip to the museum is undoubtedly worth it if one is interested in the history of the Mizo tribe.

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