Best Places To Visit In Manipur In August

If you are looking for natural bounties, mouth-watering dishes and a change in the environment while picking your next monsoon destination, Manipur could be an ideal spot. From natural bounties and the diverse culture to the scenic landscapes and the enthralling views, you are sure to be awestruck by the unique colour Manipur has to offer. Home to local authentic craft-making skills, Manipur is abode to tribes of various cultures and faiths. Manipur is a charming state. You should visit Manipur at least once in your lifetime. Here are the best places to visit in Manipur.


Settled in the lap of rolling hills, Andro is a small Hamlet and is indeed one of the best places to visit in Manipur. Known for its authentic pottery craftsmanship, Andro draws tourists from across the country. In addition, you can find many architectural marvels and museums, where you learn a bit about the authentic culture of Andro. Moreover, the museums in Andro showcases a variety of conventional pots such as Pudond, Yukhum, Ngangkha and Makhong. Impressive, right?


Are you an Ornithophile? If yes, you are in for a visual treat. Tamenglong is home to myriad species of birds. You can spot birds that are not found in any other part of India. In addition, you will find many cascades and streams that are waiting to be explored.


Bishnupur is a scenic place boasting lush rolling hills and mountains. Encircled by greenery and splendid water bodies, Bishnupur is definitely one of the must-visit places in Manipur. With numerous temples designed in stupendous architecture, Bishnupur draws tens and thousands of devotees who come in to seek blessings around the year.


The second largest town in Manipur, Churachandpur is home to diverse cultures and natural appeal. People in Churachandpur are known to be friendly and can speak English, Hindi and Manipuri, thus making it easy for tourists to adapt well. Also, you will find museums and archaic monuments in many parts of its region.

Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley is unquestionably one of the striking places you will discover in Manipur. With splendid waterfalls, rolling hills and culture, Dzukou Valley qualifies to be a must-visit in Manipur. Here is an interesting fact, the valley is named after a special flower called Dzukou Lily, which is found only in its foothills. Because the valley shares the border with Nagaland, it is easy to visit the other sister-state and explore its side of beauty too.


Do you fancy Trekking? Well, if yes, then you should visit Thoubal in Manipur. This natural beauty is cherished for its stunning lakes, banyan trees and green environment. And every August you will find a lot of different festivals observed in Thoubal. Also, make sure you try savouring rice and fish in Thoubal which is one of the most delicious dishes, you will ever find in the region of Northeast.


The state capital – Imphal, is the most visited city in Manipur. Imphal is encircled by lush green hills that extend to Myanmar in the far south. You can ride by the rolling hills or take a stroll with your loved ones in the village viewing the scenic mountains surrounding the town. So ensure to explore this enchanting place in Manipur.


Senapati is definitely one of the best places to visit in Manipur in August. Most of the surrounding areas in Senapati are wrapped in flourishing forests and the remaining parts of this little hamlet are inhabited by locals. In addition, this place is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts. Explore the woodland with your loved ones or spend some quality time with the villagers to understand the local culture. All in all, it is an amazing getaway from the hustled life.

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