Best Places To Visit In Gujarat In August

Bestrewed with diverse terrains and holy sites, Gujarat boasts a comprehensive list of tourists destinations to visit in August. Due to its impeccable charm, Gujarat is far-famed as the ‘Jewel of Western India.’ Moreover, its tourism offers the best opportunities to traverse some of the splendid places present in the state. Here are the ten best places to visit in Gujarat in August, that is suitable for every type of tourists and travellers in India.

Gir National Park

Gir National Park is one of the most-visited attractions in Gujarat because it is the only place in India where the great Asiatic Lion resides. Also, spotted deer, wild boar, chinkara, sambar, black knapped Indian, striped hyena, jackal, rusty-spotted car and porcupine are other exotic wildlife species that can be spotted here. The Gir National Park offers wildlife safaris twice a day! And since it is abode to 260 species of birds, 524 lions, 250 leopards, 38 species of mammals, 200 insect species, and 37 reptiles’ species; you may feel like traversing in an animal realm.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

This magnificent palace cum museum, built in the year 1878, is four times larger than the Buckingham Palace of England and even to this day, it acts as an official residence to the Maharaja of Baroda and his family members. Laxmi Vilas Palace spread across a mammoth 700 acres is home to Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture, a golf course as well as a zoo. Decked and adorned by stained-glass windows, ornate fountains, mosaic flooring, and mosaic decorations, Laxmi Vilas Palace is an epitome of luxury.


Dwarka is one of the highly esteemed destinations of India, as it is part of the most sacred Char Dham (four abodes) of India. Also, known to be the classical realm of Lord Krishna. Due to its amicable environment and divine vibe, this sacred city allures a considerable number of Hindu adherents. Dwarkadish Temple, Bet Dwarka, Rukmini Devi Temple, Jagat Mandir, Okha and Shank Narayan temple are some of the most prominent attractions here in Dwarka.


Nestled between the Sahyadri hills, Saputara is surprisingly the only hill station in Gujarat. The verdant hills and cool air are alluring, offering much-required respite from a humid and hot climate. Located about 170 Km from Surat, Saputara is packed with umpteen attractions.

Somnath Temple

Located by the seaside, Somnath is one of the most visited sacred cities in Gujarat! Highly revered to be one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, this temple is the pride of Gujarat and is an integral part of its tour and travel industry. Highlighting the Chalukya style of architecture, Somnath Temple displays elaborate carvings and is adorned with gold and gemstones. Though it was plundered and destroyed by Islamic invaders, its glory is still intact, thanks to its renovation over the years.


Located about 100 Km from Gandhinagar, Patan is a must-visit in Gujarat. This archaic fortified town was built by King Vanraj Chavda of Chavda kingdom in 746 AD. Besides its historical significance, it hosts a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Rani ki Vav; which is decked with several other beautiful structures, including step wells, lakes, and temples; making it a novel destination for history buffs. Also, the bazaar and local markets here sell some beautiful Patola saris. Other tourist draws include Hemachandracharya Jain Gnan library, housing ancient Jain and Hindu scripts.

Rann Of Kutch

Vibrant artwork and the widespread white marshy salt desert are two excellent hallmarks of the Great Rann of Kutch. For a night stay, Dhordo and Hodka (two adjacent villages) offer eco-friendly accommodation. And spending a night in these heavenly places are truly once in a lifetime experience.

Sun Temple

Built-in tribute of the Sun God, this illustrious temple is one of the best draws of Modhera village. The Sun Temple was commissioned during the 11th century by the rulers of the Solanki Dynasty. Its grand display of architecture includes an assembly hall, the main shrine, and a splendidly sculptured flagged tank. Also, its structure is known to be similar to the other Sun Temple located in Konark. Moreover, Modhera also finds its mention in holy texts like Skanda Purana and Brahma Purana. And according to the fables, it is said to blessed by Lord Rama and called the forest of virtue.

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