Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh In July

If you are planning for a good family getaway this monsoon, Arunachal Pradesh is the best state to visit. A wonderful state to alleviate your stress and to become one with nature. Located in the northeastern part of India, it the largest state of the marvellous Seven Sister States. Arunachal Pradesh is positioned at a high altitude, thus hosting numerous sky touching mountains and hills. And these mountains and scenic hills are home to a myriad number of birds and mammals in northeast India. Overall, it is a must-visit place for nature lovers and adventure junkies.

Here are the 10 best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh in July.

1. Dirang

This is a town for all types of tourists. Located in the West Kameng region, Dirang has pleasant weather throughout the year and that makes it one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh in July. While visiting Dirang for its picturesque breathtaking views, also learn about various tribes that live there and about their culture and traditions. The hot water spring, Dirang Dzong and Yak research centre are some of the must-visit places in Dirang.

2. Pasighat

Also known as the “Gateway of Arunachal “, Pasighat is the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh. Wildlife safari, Surfing, fishing, angling and many other adventurous activities can be done here. Some of the places that you should never miss out on visiting while in Pasighat are the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Pasighat Buddhist temple and Bodak Scenic Area. Go experience what real experience will be like here at Arunachal Pradesh.

3. Nuranang Falls

The Nuranang falls will look as if heaven is showering all the water to the ground. Such a wonderful masterpiece by nature. The scenic surroundings of this fall make it a paradise for all the photographers. Elevated at 6000 ft, Nuranang Falls is also popularly called the Bong falls.

4. Sangti

Approximately 15 km from Dirang, The Sangti valley sits in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas. The mountains, rivers, and the crystal clear water will capture your heart as it will be one magnificent view. During monsoon you will see a lot of migratory birds migrating here. It will one hell of an experience. Apart from that, there is a wide variety of flora and fauna.

5. Bumla Pass

Bumla Pass is surreal to look at as this place is covered with thick blankets of snow all throughout. People who are fond of snow, this is a place you should never miss out on. The Bumla pass holds the high altitude lake which is a famous point around here. The view of the lake is just one of the best views which you will etch in your memory.

6. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at the foothill of Himalayas and spanning up to 862 sq. km, the wildlife sanctuary is in the East Kameng District of the state. Declared as a tiger reserve in the year 2002, there is a major population of tiger in the sanctuary. Enjoy the different experiences here like nature walks, tribal programs and wildlife safari. Add this to your Arunachal Pradesh itinerary for a scenic view of the wildlife in this state.

7. Sela Pass

This is a mountain pass that is situated at an altitude of 13,700 feet. Covered in the snow all around the year, this place is open to tourists. There are 101 lakes around it. The speciality about this lake is that the lake will freeze during the winter season which is a visual spectacle.

8. Tezu

Tezu is located amidst the picturesque Mishmi Hills. This town has bucket loads of activities to do like the wildlife sanctuary, botanical garden and many more. One of the most popular places in Tezu is the Glow lake near the snow-capped mountains. This town will give you the dual experience of both nature and culture. It will make you feel so comforted and the ambience this town gives out is just perfect. This place is easily one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

9. Namdapha National Park

There are only 20 spots in India where you will be able to find the Red Panda. One such location in India is the Namdapha National Park. This is the third-largest park and also it is a hotspot for Biodiversity in the country. This is the park where we will be able to spot all the four big cats including the tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard. All these things about the place make it one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh in July.

10. Tawang

Want a perfect blend of both nature and culture? Visit the Tawang. Tawang is a high altitude town located on the lap of the mighty Himalayas. This place is the paradise of mountain lovers as this place is at 10000 feet altitude. Among the most important places to visit in Tawang, it is home to the largest monastery in India and also the Tawang war memorial.

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