10 Best Places To Visit In Puducherry In July

Puducherry offers a great deal of artwork, food, and remarkable architecture. Puducherry is, indeed, one of the best places to traverse owing to the various experiences it offers in a tiny space. The best time to visit Puducherry is during the monsoon season, i.e., in July. And once you are here, let the rhythm and vibe of the sea set your soul free! Here is the list of the ten best places to visit in Puducherry in July 2021!

1. Jawahar Toy Museum

Boasting more than 140 dolls brought from various Indian states, Jawahar Toy Museum is one of the unusual places to visit in Puducherry in July! This museum which is more or less a dollhouse is not just a delight for kids and teenagers, but people from all walks of life can appreciate it! Jawahar toy Museum is situated in the central town, near Gandhi Maidan.

2. Old Lighthouse

Built-in the 19th century during French Colonial reign, Old Lighthouse serves as one of the most notable historical remnants of the colonial times in Puducherry. Moreover, it attracts many history buffs from across Europe; as it stands as a humble reminder of the engineering and architecture of colonial days. It’s an amusing place for architecture enthusiasts, history geeks, as well as artists and photographers.

3. Promenade Beach

Calm and quaint, Promenade Beach is among the most serene places to take an evening stroll with your loved ones! The roar of the waves, pleasant sea breeze and the sights of daybreak and twilight act as a relaxing remedy to your mind and make you overlook all your affairs of the urban callings! Promenade Beach is one of the most visited beaches and best places to visit in Puducherry in July.

4. French War Memorial

The French War Memorial contributes tremendously to Puducherry tourism as millions of people visit this site around the year. Built-in 1971 on the Goubert Avenue (The Promenade) as a remembrance of the gallant soldiers who laid down their lives during the infamous World War-I (1916-1919), French War Memorial is an embodiment of war and the fatalities it leaves behind.

5. Paradise Beach

The seaside of the Paradise beach boasts of soft sand, unlike grainy sands found at other beaches in Puducherry. Thus, making it a perfect spot for fun-filled water activities. With its turquoise blue water; blend of golden and silvery sands, this beach is truly a paradise! And the boat ride through the backwaters to get to this golden beach is simply remarkable!

6. Le Club

The pizzas, crepes and steaks (with mouth-watering sauces) are all top-notch at Le Club – a sophisticated romantically illuminated garden eatery. Le Club Serving a wide selection of quality liquors and signature cocktails, Le Club is one of the popular places of all food lovers and nightcrawlers in Puducherry. Once you here, try Mohito cocktail, it is out of this world!

7. Gingee fort

Certified as a National Monument in 1921, Gingee fort is one of the oldest yet one of the best spots to visit in Puducherry in July. It is an unparalleled architectural feat which draws tens of thousands of people from across the world. History buffs and architecture aficionado must not miss out Gingee Fort during their vacation in Pondicherry.

8. Chunnambar Boat House

You can take a boat ride at Chunnambar to travel over the pristine backwaters of Puducherry and to connect with nature. Chunnambar Boat House, besides the boat rides, also offers a remarkable natural location where people can sit back, relax and reinvigorate. However, if you are more of an adventure type, then you can head out into the verdant environs for hiking and camping. It’s is one of the best places to be at with your loved ones in July, as it offers total privacy in the lap of nature.

9. Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Commissioned on 17 December 1907, Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus is also recognised as the Origin church for Catholic diocese for Pondicherry and Cuddalore. Located at the south boulevard, the edifice of this church is 50 m long, 48 m wide and 18 m high and is held by 25 pillars. It is one of the best places to visit in Puducherry in July.

10. Pondy Bazaar

Puducherry is not just a place of natural bounties and colonial sites; it is also an idyllic shopping haven for shopaholics. And if you want traditional souvenirs or handmade art pieces to take back home, then Pondy Bazaar is the right place to head to. Displaying merchandise and artefacts from the best artisans and craftsmen in the region, this haven for shopaholics offers rock bottom rates for the best quality products. Also, you can try local delights at any of the famous cafes.

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