10 Best Places To Visit In Nagaland In July

Nagaland, a place of fables and hills, is an alluring Indian state that never ceases to daze tourists and travellers. This exalted land is far-famed for picturesque meadows, ancient holy sites, rich greenery, breathtaking hill stations, overlooking peaks, magnificent temples as well as pictorial lakes. Offering a variety of fun activities like bird watching, boating, camping as well as wildlife tours, Nagaland treats people from all walks of life!

Thriving with a perfect combination of natural bounties and urbanity, Nagaland is home to a plethora of tourists attractions, where you can not only unite with your inner self but also, become one with nature. Here are the ten best destinations to visit in Nagaland in July, which is ideal for a fun-filled and memorable vacation.

1. Tuensang

Tuensang boasts of a vivid tradition of the Nagas, and it offers an insightful journey in the artistic heritage and lifestyle of the local tribe. A place of ancient beauty, Tuensang delights visitors with enthralling flora & fauna, valleys and hills. On your educational trip to Nagaland in July, visit the Chilise and Changsangonko, the living jewels of Tuensang, Tsadanf, Longtrok, and Noklak which make Tuensang a must-visit monsoon destination in the northeast.

2. Mon

Also known as the Land of Anghs, Mon is controlled by the tribe Konyak Nagas. Visit Mon to endure the excellent culture and traditions of the KonyakNagas or travel back in time as the Anghs, who still hold firm control, exhibit power and glory. You can spot human and animal skulls on the porch that is sure to intimidate you but if you want to know the culture ensure to enjoy the place from ground zero. Nearby tourist attractions such as Shangnyu, Longwa village and Veda Peak make Mon one of the most attractive monsoon destinations to visit on your cultural trip.

3. Khonoma Village

Far-famed as the Green Village of India, Khonoma is one of the most impressive monsoon destinations in Nagaland owing to its dense forests. Khonoma Village is bound to impress history lovers as the village is living proof of the struggle of the brave Angami tribes which fought to safeguard their region from British colonization. Enjoy the enchanting rich greenery and hills in Khonoma as the rare flora and fauna in the region promise to please you with its rawness.

4. Tuophema

Fancy a genuine encounter of the Naga culture by visiting the Touphema! If you are a history and culture connoisseur, visit the serene Tuophema Tourist Village and experience the authentic Naga food and drink the local rice beer. The ethnic trip to this cultural haven is a must-do thing on a trip to Nagaland as you can relish the old-world experience in the picturesque village set against the backdrop of scenic hills.

5. Dimapur

Abode to the extensive verdant hills, the picturesque village of Dimapur sure to win your heart with its abundance of natural charm and old ruins. Dimapur is considered amongst the top Nagaland destinations and offers a much-required retreat for both nature and history lovers. You can visit Kachari, old ruins of the 10th century that stands in the backdrop of spell-bounding nature.

6. Mokokchung

Lose yourself in the exquisite beauty of the rolling hills shrouded in the alluring clouds and thick forest of Mokokchung. Be it the waterfalls, the pools, the flourishing greenery or the scenic view of the mountains, this natural haven is sure to amaze explorers. Moreover, Mokokchung is one of the most impressive districts of Nagaland owing to the vibrant traditions and celebrations, and entertainment of the spirited Ao tribe who calls this place their abode.

7. Phek

Phek is one of the most sought-after destinations in Nagaland. It draws tourists with its breathtaking beauty in the form of the surreal landscape. Dotted with rivers, lakes and other water bodies, Phek is your one-stop destination to experience tranquillity and solitude in the lap of nature. Revel in activities like hiking, trekking and birdwatching, on your visit to Phek as this enchanting land will leave you with a lot to contemplate.

8. Kohima

No matter how many times you go to Kohima, it never fails to surprise you. This enchanting place in Nagaland is a complete package that is certain to please your senses. Also, offering an amorous ambience, Kohima is one of the most sought-after destinations in North East India. There are numerous things to do here as well; you can go hiking, trekking, also, you can interact with the Angami tribe, to know more about the history of the place.

9. Wokha

A pictorial plateau snuggled amid cloud caressing mountains, Wokha is one of the most beautiful areas of Nagaland. This beautiful hamlet is packed with enchanting cascades, historical sites, and fascinating wildlife, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to traverse the unscathed beauty of the bewitched North East India. The tribe that controls most of the land is the Lotha tribe.

10. Dzukou Valley

Located at an altitude of 2462 m, Dzukou Valley in Kohima will impress nature lovers with exotic lilies and enchanting views of the green valley. Settled on the border of Nagaland and Manipur states, the valley is famous for its rolling hillsides and other adventurous activities. If you are a shutterbug, you are certain to get the most interesting frames of your lifetime at Dzukou Valley.

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