10 Best Places To Visit In Assam In July

July is the best month to take a vacation. And this time of the year, the majority of the places in India are cheerless and people from across India want to chill with their loved ones elsewhere. Fortunately, no matter where you are located in India, there is always a good destination you can visit nearby. Take Assam for instance. This city of wonder boasts of many cool getaways. There is an umpteen number of fascinating hill stations that one can tour in Assam to enjoy the balmy breeze. So, in case you are looking for the best monsoon destinations in Assam in July, here are some options for you.

1. Dispur

When the state of Assam was separated from Meghalaya, Dispur was presented with the status of Assam’s capital. Till then Shillong was called the capital of this state. Dispur is one of the tiniest capitals of the world to have gained fame in tea production. You can tour the Assam State Museum to accumulate insights into the rich social and artistic history of this state. Also, this city is the abode to several wild species, rhinos, tigers, leopards and Himalayan black bear exhibited within the Assam state zoo.

2. Kakochang Waterfalls

If you want to discover the natural beauty of waterfalls then make the trip about 30 minutes from the Kaziranga National Park to arrive at this extrinsic site. You will be spellbound after observing the image of crystal clear water falling from the hilltop and getting collected in the ground forming a puddle.

3. Manas National Park

Also a popular wildlife natural sanctuary, this has been conferred the fame of a heritage site by the UNESCO. Comprising of highlighted fragments like an elephant reserve, project tiger reserve, and a biosphere reserve, Manas National Park is one of the best places to visit in Assam in July. Visit this place and be awestruck with the impenetrable forests of the fleeting trees and the streaming water. Become one with nature and be unveiled in this wild site relaxing in the laps of nature.

4. Guwahati

The largest district in the state of Assam, Guwahati, is fondly called the gateway to the Northeast. This urbanized city packed with holy temples. It also offers plentiful natural attractions to choose from- sights of the majestic river Brahmaputra streaming in full fury to a ton of natural woods. Moreover, Guwahati boasts of a well-maintained airport and is linked to all the important cities across India.

5. Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden

If you want to spend some quality time amidst luxuriant greenery then you must visit Assam State Zoo. Positioned within the city of Guwahati you can observe almost 850 rare species of flora and fauna here. Established in 1957, it is also a one-horned rhinos reserve. Besides its main attraction, you can also see tigers, elephants, jaguars, clouded leopards, llamas, giraffes, ostriches and leopard cats.

6. Nameri National Park

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nameri national park is a wonderful setup boasting mesmerising lakes and other water bodies. The nature enthusiasts can spend a few hours in solace amidst fascinating vegetation like fleeting trees, elephant meadows and an overabundance of colourful flowering plants. To greet tourists a wide number of wild species like leopard, tiger, rhinos, hornbills, elephants, ducks and storks are presented over here.

7. Majuli

If you haven’t yet travelled to the beautiful island tourist destination in Assam, then your next stop should be Majuli. This island is located in the Brahmaputra River and flaunts a rich heritage of both Neo-Vashnavite culture and Assamese. You can get the flavour of this site through the vivid lifestyle of the tribal villages. You can also observe the 600 monasteries decked on this island all signifying mythicism.

8. Dibrugarh

Renowned for tea production, Dibrugarh is another city in India, that is all about verdant pastures and adventuresome wildlife. If you are craving to escape the mundane work-life, visit this city of romance, one of the best places to visit in Assam in July. When in Dibrugarh, don’t overlook to explore the only rainforest in Assam, Dehing Patkai. Besides offering panoramic sights of the flora and fauna like orchids, you can come to see a plethora of wildlife species. You would also be greeted with gorgeous sights of striking butterflies and tweeting birds.

9. Kamakhya Temple

One of the 51 Satipeeths of India, this synagogue has lured many adherents owing to its tantric affection. Among all the shakti temples of India, this temple has survived and managed to come into the spotlight due to the myth that it can shield its devotees from the sinister eyes. If you are travelling during the Ambubachi festival, please recognise that the temple will be shut for a few days owing to religious beliefs. Even if you aren’t a follower, the marvellous view of the city from the hilltop in which the temple remains is Instagrammable.

10. Kaziranga National Park

A paradise for shutterbugs, one-horned rhinos wander this wildlife sanctuary relaxing along the banks of the Brahmaputra River. This wildlife has got tremendous recognition from all over the world due to preserving the threatened species, Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros. If you consider that only the rhinos call this their abode? Well! Then you are in for a surprise because animals such as barasingha, Wild buffaloes, and a plethora of water birds can be observed here.

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